The Power of Collaboration

Images courtesy of Department of Defence

Established Defence Infrastructure

Defence makes a substantial contribution to the NSW economy, and the Greater Sydney regions. In 2014–15 Defence contributed just over 20,000 jobs to the NSW economy with a direct spend of approximately $7.9 billion,
including $5.5 billion in operations and $2.4 billion in capital expenditure*. NSW has over 80 Defence bases and facilities, in addition there are around 6,500 defence industry jobs and a further 29,500 from supporting industries whose activities make a major contribution to the Sydney and regional economies. (*Source: The NSW Government Defence and Industry Strategy 2016).


To provide a focus and a forum for Sydney’s Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors and to facilitate their growth; to work closely with Government agencies and industry associations to attract a higher percentage of Defence and Aerospace Business into the Greater Sydney Region.


To identify new strategic opportunities which can only be tackled on a collaborative basis, and to provide feedback to industry members and other stakeholders, including State and Commonwealth Governments, on the make-up and health of the Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors; to identify key factors and trends affecting it and to help facilitate industry access to available Government support and services.Smart Industry

We help our members to help themselves by facilitating, encouraging and supporting collective efforts and initiatives designed to benefit the industry as a whole.