Sydney Aerospace & Defence Interest Group (SADIG)

To provide a focus and a forum for Sydney’s Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors and to facilitate their growth; to work closely with Government agencies and industry associations to attract a higher percentage of Defence and Aerospace Business into the Greater Sydney Region.
To identify new additional strategic opportunities which can only be tackled on a collaborative basis, to provide feedback to industry members and other stakeholders, including the State and Commonwealth Governments, on the make-up and health of the Aerospace and Defence Industry sectors; to identify key factors and trends affecting it and to help facilitate industry access to available Government support and services.
We help our members to help themselves by facilitating, encouraging and supporting collective efforts and initiatives designed to benefit the industry as a whole.
Sydney’s Aerospace and Defence Interest Group is made up of key industry members with an advisory Executive Committee and three special Interest Groups.
The role of the Executive Committee is to identify Aerospace and Defence companies located in Sydney, the capabilities and strengths of the aerospace and defence sectors in Sydney, and the areas which require focused attention.
The operation of the individual Interest Groups are highly integrated in an overarching plan to identify specific needs and develop plans for the future development and growth of Sydney’s aerospace and defence sectors.
GROUP ONE: Industry supply chain capabilities
Knowledge is the focus:
- Who are the companies making up the Aerospace and Defence sectors in the Sydney area?
- What are their capabilities and how can they work together?
- What are the emerging opportunities for these sectors?
- What needs to be done to help position the industry to capitalise on these opportunities?
GROUP TWO: Industry Skills Development
Aerospace and Defence are skill and technology dependent industries. For the long-term good of these industries active involvement with young people is essential: exciting and educating them about career opportunities.
- What are the current and emerging skills challenges?
- What are the current and emerging demographic challenges?
- What education and training resources and opportunities are available to help tackle these challenges?
- What’s needed that isn’t currently available?
- How can the Aerospace and defence industries engage with schools, TAFEs and Universities?
- What can Sydney’s defence and aerospace companies do together to build Industry skills and tackle these challenges?
GROUP THREE: Innovation
Innovation is the life-blood of the Aerospace and Defence industries. In a global market Sydney companies must innovate to survive and prosper
- Who are the Innovators in Sydney’s defence and Aerospace industries?
- How can innovative companies break into the market?
- How can Sydney-based innovators create networks and support each other?
- How can companies work with and benefit from innovation networks in academia and the research community?
- How can Governments help and encourage Sydney-based innovators?
- What kind of Strategic Plan is needed?



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