Innovation Roundtable November 2016

SADIG Innovation Roundtable 24 November 2016 at University of Technology, Sydney.
Plan Jericho and CDIC – the defence business environment is changing!

Australia’s defence business environment is changing fast and more fundamentally than many would have believed possible even as recently as three years ago. The 2016 Defence White Paper and its key companion documents, the Defence Industry Policy Statement (DIPS) and Defence Integrated Investment Program (DIIP) placed unprecedented emphasis on the concept of Industry as a Fundamental Input to [Defence] Capability (FIC), on closer engagement between Defence and industry, and on encouraging and rewarding innovation by industry and Australia’s research community to meet the ADF’s needs.

Presenters who spoke to these challenges were: WGCDR Alison McCarthy from the RAAF’s Plan Jericho team and Mr Sam Wong from the newly formed Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).

WGCDR McCarthy highlighted the persistent technology challenge confronting air forces: the danger of achieving only a transient advantage over an adversary which can be wiped out very quickly by some lateral thinking and emergent technology. Plan Jericho is designed to eliminate the traditional pattern of capability growth, which delivers successive step-wise increases in capability that can be matched and then defeated by an adversary, necessitating another major step-wise capability upgrade. Instead, Plan Jericho seeks to develop and field technology and capability enhancements -  and even strategic pivots - as quickly as possible in a relatively smooth progression. The idea is for the RAAF and ADF to stay ahead of the game, or react quickly to developments before an unexpected disadvantage becomes entrenched.
The aim is to encourage both innovation in the industry base (and the much closer relationship with the user on which that innovation thrives), and a faster, slicker acquisition process that deliver this enhanced capability much, much faster.

A key part of how this will be achieved is the ‘Acquisition Sprint Process’.  

SADIG members are urged to explore Plan Jericho as a first step towards closer engagement with the RAAF:
Sam Wong (CDIC) - Official launch of CDIC in December 2016, with explanation of role and purpose. Delivered through AusIndustry, the CDIC will perform an important role as the service delivery arm for Defence. It will be staffed by business advisers who are able to leverage the whole of government support previously available through separate programs run by Defence and the Department of Industry Innovation and Science. CDIC will integrate these programs and make them available through a single portal to businesses and provide expert advice in the following areas:
•    Business improvement
•    Skills development
•    Export and supply chains
•    Supplier continuous improvement
•    Defence market preparedness
•    Defence innovation proposal submission


SADIG Innovation Roundtable members are urged to explore the CDIC web site here. Speaker presentation can be downloaded this link.