Medical Services

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Advanced Manufacturing.
Established in 2014, VisionFlex specialises in the design & manufacture of high quality imaging solutions for the healthcare & related sectors.
Visionflex provides world-leading imaging solutions based on new technology, intuitive software & ergonomic design.
Visionflex’s flagship product, the ProEX, is a multifunction medical imaging system & supports a variety of high-quality imaging probes. Included is an integrated video conferencing system for remote consultation, enabling users to share high quality images & video with other practitioners for diagnostic purposes.
The ProEX provides an ideal tele-health platform for remote sites, military installations/camps, ships & oil rigs.
The Visionflex team is committed to designing industry-leading medical devices that are effective, elegant, easy to use, & which conform to the most stringent customer & regulatory requirements. Visionflex maintains a certified Quality Management System through a systematic approach to risk management.
We have assembled a team of world-class scientists, physicians and national security practitioners that together develop cutting edge capabilities across the life sciences. 
Liberty's leadership team holds academic chairs and are professors at the world's leading academic institutions, to include: UNSW, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and Washington University, St Louis.  
Liberty's national security membership includes former Presidential appointees and senior officers of the U.S and Australian Intelligence Community, U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Energy and elite operators drawn from the U.S and Australian militaries.