The University of New South Wales

The Autonomous Systems Research Group within the discipline of Mechatronics at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of The University of New South Wales has wide ranging experiences in the design and development of unmanned field vehicles and novel vertical take off and landing aerial vehicles. The aerial vehicles are developed for surveilance and terrain mapping while the ground vehicles are developed for defence and agricultural operations.

They also posses situational awareness development through laser based dynamic points cloud generation and long range tele-operation (across continents) capabilities for unmanned systems.

They have a fleet of three helicopters with 2 - 10 kg pay load capacity, a Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicle with 5 kg payload capacity and five ground vehicles, four of which are custom built and the other a John Deere tractor. The tractor and two other ground vehicles have fully autonomous operational capability.

Accreditation: IEAust, ,

Company Size: 50

Operations: Design of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Systems.
Design of Vectored Thrust Aerial Vehicles for Terrain mapping.
Data fusion and perception, including complete high resolution 3D mapping of surroundings.
Tele-presence with 3D visualization of remote hostile environments.
Near real-time tele-operation of unmanned systems across continents.
Software and hardware systems for geo-referencing Objects of Interest appearing on video images.
High precision (< 2cm) path tracking by off road vehicles.
Autonomous navigation in cluttered environments.
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping.

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