Environmental Fluid Systems

Environmental Fluid Systems (EFS Group), offers a powerful and diverse range of high performance, non-toxic and non-hazardous cleaners, degreasers and safety solvents, designed to cover most, if not all consumable requirements for maintenance and cleaning applications within Aviation.

These high performance products are safe alternatives for maintenance and manufacture, enabling significant savings in through-life costs while protecting the health of Aviation personnel.

EFS Group is involved with assisting organisations reduce the generation of hazardous waste. EFS can often substitute a non-regulated alternative in a cleaning process resulting in a reduction of greater than 60% in the overall waste generation along with a dramatic reduction in Hazardous Waste.

The Company's goal is to replace a chemical inventory range with fewer product items, giving the client a stock holding two thirds less than what would be considered a typical Aviation chemical inventory for cleaning and maintenance products.

Accreditation: ISO 9001, ISO 14001,

Company Size: 25

Operations: EFS Group is committed to reducing waste and health risks.

Triple 7 Aircraft & MetalR is a powerful non-toxic, non-hazardous Aircraft wash with MilSpec, Boeing, Douglas, Airbus and GECA Approvals, enhancing Wash-Bay Systems and oil/water separators.

The product requires no PPE, uses less chemical, less power, no toxic waste generated and reduces through-life costs and carbon footprints.

EFS Group supplies non-DG solvent replacement/degreasers for cleaning brakes, equipment, hanger maintenance and pesticide and bug removal.

Clients include Defence, QANTAS, and Sri Lankan Airlines.

Security: Working with children.
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