StopRotor Technology

StopRotor Technology Pty Ltd is a small, innovative company responsible for the flight testing and development of the Hybrid RotorWing UAV aircraft (patent pending). The Hybrid RotorWing is a new stopped rotor class of aircraft. It can operate as either a fixed or rotary wing aircraft and is capable of in flight transition between flight modes. The Hybrid RotorWing maintains the characteristics of a useful and practical aircraft, can provide a stable transition envelope for in-flight transition between flight modes and is capable of conventional, short or vertical take off and landing operations to suit mission, location or payload requirements.
Development will commence in the UAV sector.
StopRotor Technology is looking for collaborative partners to fulfill the next phase of development. Please contact us for more information.

Accreditation: None, ,

Company Size: Less than 10 people

Operations: Design and development of the Hybrid RotorWing concept.
Management of collaboration and contractual agreements

Security: None