Babcock International Group

Babcock Pty Ltd is the Marine and Technology Division of Babcock International Group serving Australia and New Zealand and based in Adelaide, SA. With representatives in Sydney and Canberra the combined workforce in the region is approximately 270, but worldwide around 26,000 skilled staff workers design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets that are vital to the delivery of many key public services. Our market-leading reputation is based on one key fact: Babcock is a partner which can be trusted to deliver.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ,

Company Size: Staff numbers around 26,000 with annual revenue of over �3.2bn

Operations: Babcock is a leading International engineering support services organisation with revenue of over �3.2bn in 2013 and an order book of circa �12 billion.

Defence, energy, telecommunications, transport and education are all sectors where Babcock can be found working diligently behind the scenes, delivering critical support. Our services are underpinned by three core capabilities:
� Managing Assets and Infrastructure
� Delivering Projects and Programmes
� Integrating Engineering Expertise

Security: Babcock Pty Ltd complies with the security provisions and standards of Defence, as promulgated in the Defence Security Manual (DSM) which is reflected in its Security Practices & Procedures (SPP). The SPP provide a �working guide� to Babcock management and all security cleared employees to implement security measures required by the DSM. Adherence to the requirements of this SPP and the DSM is strongly supported by the Babcock management, and is required under the Security Agreement signed by Babcock.