Universal Gaskets

For over fifty years Universal Gaskets has manufactured high quality pipe flange gaskets, electrical isolation kits, diaphragms, heat and electrical shields, seals, spacers, packers, slip pads, filters, metal and non metallic washers and other shapes for industry. We also stock a variety of seals and pump packings.

Our customers are manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers in many industries including transport, water & waste water treatment, power generation & distribution, oil & gas processing, industrial maintenance, hardware, healthcare, electrical, electronics, air conditioning, mining, defence, consumer goods, and many others. We sell nationally and export to Oceania, SE Asia, China and India.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007,

Company Size: small - medium

Operations: Manufacture and supply of gaskets, seals and other items manufactured from plastic, rubber, metals, natural materials and other mechanical and electrical engineered materials for all industries.

Security: We have and currently work for Defence.
Refer to our supplier number: ZJ854