LX Design House

LX is an innovative contract electronics design company specialising in the design of embedded systems and wireless technologies. We offer clients a professional turnkey experience, with services designed to take a new product idea from concept through to production. We focus on fully understanding all aspects of the clients' requirements and work on a tailored solution to ensure these requirements are met on time and within budget.

Our high calibre engineering team has 150+ years of combined product development experience and the team has won national and international awards. We have experience across a wide range of technologies and industries, and work with clients both in Australia and abroad.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with clients through:

- Ensuring a culture of innovation and creativity within LX
- Developing award-winning designs
- Providing industry-leading engineering expertise
- Leveraging extensive experience in a multitude of technologies & industries
- Ongoing commitment to our clients and their evolving needs
- Providing a professional outsourcing experience

Accreditation: Engineering, ,

Company Size: 20

Operations: We assist clients with from concept to production for electronics, including:

- Conceptual Development
- Product Design (alpha, beta and pre-production prototypes)
- Documentation
- Certification
- Testing and Verification
- Environmental Testing
- Compliance Testing
- Due Diligence workshops and design
- Manufacturing
- Ongoing Support

Security: None