Silanna Semiconductor

Silanna Semiconductor is an Australian owned, advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing facility that was incorporated in 1996.

Silanna now has over 15 years of experience in delivering high performance integrated circuits into the global space, defence, medical and consumer markets. The company has built a strong production team that maintains its manufacturing processes at high levels of yield and performance.

Silanna has developed a strong development team, with systems in place that enable it to rapidly bring processes from concept to development and into production.

Apart from being a commercially focussed organisation with almost all products being exported, Silanna has considerable strategic value to research organisations including Universities, NICTA, CSIRO and DSTO.

Silanna supports major research projects such as the CSIRO's Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope, the UNSW Quantum Computing Project and many University Linkage projects.

Accreditation: ISO9001:2008, AS9100,

Company Size: 105

Operations: Semiconductor manufacturing

Security: Secret