Saber Astronautics

Saber Astronautics is a space engineering company conducting cutting edge R&D in the fields of operations and logistics. We design tools for the emerging commercial space industry and apply them to everyday challenges on Earth.

We apply artificial intelligence to reduce waste in systems, connect platforms with customers, and solve complex and dynamic challenges. We are customer focused, leveraging our expertise to provide solutions which solve the needs of end users. 

This positions us to provide unique solutions to traditional industries in a way which is flexible, timely, and at competitive rates.

Accreditation: Microgravity Testing, ,

Company Size: 6

Operations: Saber Astronautics conducts research and development in the field of space systems, complex systems modelling, and application of artificial intelligence.

Scope of operations includes military operations, commercial space, aerospace / UAVs. Consider us for
- Army-Navy-Joint operational tools and optimisation systems.  
- High end, high graphics, technical simulation
- Complex Systems R&D

Security: Security clearance information is available upon request.