HTR Engineering Pty Ltd

In the late 1990s HTR Group commenced providing engineering and IT services to the Defence sector. It is now a significant preferred supplier on the Defence Material Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) Panel. From the Defence sector, HTR Group expanded into the Civil Engineering Sector with core competencies of engineering and IT consultancy services.
HTR has skilled Engineering resources for short, medium and long term projects. We can offer engineering and IT skill sets aligned to meet client needs, under flexible terms of engagement and with rapid turnaround. Where skills shortages exist, HTR Group operates Visa sponsorship pathway to efficiently relocate overseas skilled resources into Australia. HTR provides the Defence and Engineering Sectors with highly skilled engineers and IT consultants who are available on short notice for short/medium/long term engagements with/without security clearance. HTR is a strategic provider on the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services Panel (DMOSS Panel).

Accreditation: DISP, ISO9002, DRS

Company Size: 16

Operations: Defence Material Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) Panel, we currently service 80/85 of the DMOSS Skillsets.
Project Support
Systems & Software Engineering
Acquisition & Sustainment Logistics
Business Support Management
Electronics Engineering
Communications Engineering
Weapons Engineering
Platform Engineering
Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
Information Systems Architecture Services
IT Support and Delivery Services
Information Systems Development:
Publication Authoring, Technical Writing and Doctrine Development

Security: HTR gained Defence Industry Security Panel (DISP) accreditation in early 2014. HTR Defence Engineering Staff hold Defence Security Clearances. In July 2014 HTR started offering a free service to those who in the industry who hold clearances.
If you hold a current or an elapsed clearance we are happy to sponsor the clearance holder. This service is free however we ask that an appropriate donation is made to your favourite charity.