CoaX Helicopters

Coax Helicopters is designing and developing a revolutionary range of Coaxial Rotor System small format Helicopters for Australian and overseas markets.

The company has complete working prototypes on which development will be based. The company will develop both unmanned and manned one and two seat models initially then larger models using turbine, diesel and petrol engine configurations. The technology contained in these new models is very exciting and sets these helicopters apart from traditional helicopters.

Management of yaw with a coaxial main rotor makes these craft more stable, more maneuverable, quieter, safer and provides a better power to weight ratio.

It has greater lift and is much more efficient than traditional helicopters. Running costs, particularly with the diesel motor version, will be significantly lower.

RPA is a developing civilian market and CoaX helicopters is at the forefront.

CoaX Helicopters is about to expand with a significantly larger version. Investment highly desired.

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Company Size: 15

Operations: To develop coaxial rotor head helicopters primarily for the agricultural, bio-security and border protection markets.

The small format platform is ideally suited for both manned and unmanned applications.

RPAS is an underdeveloped market that will explode with the completion of systems such as ours.

Single place agricultural helicopters which are safer, cheaper and more cost effective than conventionally configured helicopters will be in great demand.