Laughing Mind Pty Ltd

Laughing Mind is a consulting firm creating Empowering Digital Possibilities. We help clients integrate scalable on-premise and cloud-based systems, leveraging our role as Atlassian Experts with national scale project experience, blending best of breed solutions with smart, portable clean tech energy products. Our Collaboration, Community and Project systems connect thinking and productivity across time, people, place and purpose using Service Design tools, placing people at the centre of service, systems and process design. With project expertise in Human Factors, Healthcare, Digital Services and Asset Management, we help our clients find balanced solutions in the complex mix of business needs, technology, human factors, portable power and workplace health. Our portable solar product range works to keep mobile workforces powered up, connected and delivering with lightweight, robust clean-tech solutions from GoalZero and other alliance partners. Recognised at LandForces 2014 as an SME Innovation finalist, we are responsive to Defence operational needs.

Accreditation: CISA, ,

Company Size: <10 staff

Operations: Our digital strategy, collaboration + knowledge management products + services empower our clients in the following capabilities:
ICT strategy
Product development
Innovation + Quality management
Service management
Project Management
Asset management systems
Workflow management systems
Agile systems engineering and logistics

When these systems are combined with our portable solar power products, mobile + distributed workforces are able to stay digitally connected + productive for extended periods, building a continuously improved knowledgebase on digital platforms from diverse locations.