Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Aviation/Aerospace Australia is a not-for-profit and independent association, with an overarching objective to contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of Australia's aviation and aerospace sector.

Our objective is to contribute to the long-term health of the aviation and aerospace industries by providing:

Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia
WA/AA is an initiative of A/AA with the aim to raise awareness of gender diversity and the participation and retention of women within the sector. WA/AA provides a network for women to connect with industry peers, inspire future generations to join the industry, and excel in their chosen careers.

A/AA NextGenNetwork
The network for early-to-mid career professionals and future leaders, providing an unparalleled range of leadership skills and professional development opportunities to grow your strategic thinking. Open to those in the industry 10 years or just starting out, university, trade or job qualified.

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Company Size: 2 Full time

Operations: Australia is uniquely positioned to leverage its local expertise to capitalise on growing market needs by:
� Establishing and maintaining strong links domestically and internationally with governments, universities and aviation aerospace industry businesses.
� Supporting broad industry initiatives in order to coordinate key stakeholders.

The board and management team of Aviation/Aerospace Australia strives with members to improve the long term success of the industry in Australia through strategically raising awareness of the career and business growth opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region.

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