Pacific Avionics Pty Ltd

Pacific Avionics (PA) is an Australian owned and operated SME in the Defence and Aerospace sectors. Headquartered at Bankstown Airport in Sydney with a product portfolio spanning the Aerospace Avionics market for large and small aircraft, fixed and rotary wing. PA has instrument, electrical and radio component workshops and has installation integration teams. PA provides Sales, Service and Installation of most major OEM avionics manufacturers including Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Garmin etc. PA has been operating for over 15 years and has a strong customer base including Defence, Federal and State Government, Paramilitary, Airline and Commercial customers. PA's recent successes include modification of NAVY MK 50 Seakings, A109 Power & AS350 Squirrel helicopters.

Accreditation: CASA CAR 30, Defence AMO approved,

Company Size: PA has a staff in excess of 25. It has multiple LAME’s in the avionics categories

Operations: PA is engaged in Sales, Service, Design Integration and Installation of avionics equipment

Security: Several EX military staff that were cleared to secret. PA has installed secure voice equipment in Defence aircraft.