Alpha Group Industries

AGI is an Australian based, global capability solutions provider comprised of an alliance of leading industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specialist Service Providers, and a network of FVEY community veterans both combat operators and support staff from the logistics, intelligence and other specialist support fields, with extensive operational experience across all mission profiles. Through personal experiences, our team understands and is focused on the relentless pursuit of the very best equipment, mission support and logistics solutions our frontline operators deserve. We believe through close alliance and sustained investment in an enduring program of force modernisation, AGI is able to work with our clients to address real existential security concerns across the sea, air and land domains.

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Operations: AGI provides tailored and integrated end-to-end capability solutions to military, law enforcement and security clients globally. Our integrated capability solutions are customised to individual client requirements across the equipment, mission support and logistics disciplines. Our solutions are delivered anywhere, anytime, across sea, air and land, and across all mission profiles.