RFD Australia

RFD began in 1920 with the development of inflatable flotation bags to support early aircraft from disaster should they come down in the sea.

RFD liferafts and dinghies were employed during WW2 where they saved the lives of thousands of allied personnel. Today, RFD liferafts and lifejackets are used by shipping, airlines and Defence forces here in Australia as well as overseas.

RFD (Australia) Pty Ltd is part of the Survitec Group of companies which includes RFD Beaufort, DSB, Eurovinil, RFD Japan, WH Brennan, RFD France, RFD New Zealand, Survival One (Multifab), Shark Group, RFD Beaufort Inc. USA and Ballonfabrik Augsburg.

Since its beginnings in 1920, the RFD group has expanded its operations in Australia with the aquisition of MW Hydrostatics in 1997, Anover Holdings and Megoz in 2000 and CABA Australia in 2003. These companies bring many years experience and a greater range & diversity of products to the group.

Accreditation: AS/NZS ISO9001:2008, AS1386, Class 350 Clean Room

Company Size: 50-100 across 14 Australian Service Stations

Operations: RFD (Australia) is primarily involved in the supply and service of marine, fire, life support and gas control equipment.
Major brands distributed include: RFD, Toyo, DSB, Lifeguard, Beaufort, Hoover, Plastimo, ACR Electronics, Comet, Hammar and Pelican.
RFD Fire & Safety - various aspects of fire extinguisher supply and servicing, fire detection & alarm systems, and more.
RFD Technologies - design, supply and service of air compressor and booster systems, gas distribution and hose assemblies, SCUBA, certification, cylinder testing & filling and more.

Security: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008;
AMO for Safety Equipment to ADF;
Lloyd approvals inflatable Life Rafts, inflatable lifejackets and lifesaving equipment;
fire extinguishing equipment and systems, and survey and maintenance of breathing apparatus;
Approved Defence Hyperbaric Repairer;
CASA for servicing airborne safety equipment;
Certified Clean Room to AS1386, Class 350 in NSW;
Gas Cylinder Test Station number 219 in NSW,QLD & WA;
Fire Protection Authority of Australia gold corporate member;
Laboratory Accreditation by A2LA for Breathing Air testing and certification; Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence – MVRL38968 - CNG Systems