Incat Crowther

Incat Crowther is a medium size naval architecture firm offering a diverse range of solutions for demanding applications, with an emphasis on efficiency, reliability, safety and practicality.

Achieving optimum results in today’s demanding marine environment requires a partnership with a naval architecture firm which adds maximum value to the businesses its serves.

Incat Crowther’s success is founded on the model of ‘Robust Ideas’. The company has a proud history of developing forward-thinking concepts on a robust foundation, allowing the company to evolve and offer innovative solutions with best practice engineering, vessel design and client service, consistently delivering optimum results over the long term.

Incat Crowther has over 30 years of vessel design experience, 400 vessels in operation and 90 ships currently in the design or construction phase. Vessel designs range from passenger ferries, workboats and leisure boats, to government patrol boats and landing craft.

Accreditation: ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation, ,

Company Size: 50+

Operations: With Offices in Sydney (Australia), Lafayette (USA) and Portsmouth (UK), the company employs over 50 professional engineers and draftsmen. Services include;
Operational studies, Preliminary Design, Functional Design, Production Design, Procurement, Construction Support, Competitive Shipyard Tendering, Through-Life Support, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Consulting, Research and Development.

With a full suite of design applications, capabilities extend but are not limited to; FEA structural analysis, CFD, powering and resistance calculations, stability, 2D modelling, 3D modelling, weight estimates, wave wake studies, sea-keeping analysis, maneuverability.

Security: Negative Vetting Baseline