Bambach Wire and Cables

Bambach is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of low voltage industrial and specialized electric cables. The company was established in 1936 and supplies cables to the Defence, Mining, and Infrastructure markets as well as to various other market sectors. Bambach first began supplying cables to the Australian and US Defence forces during the second World War and continues to supply to the Australian navy to this day. Recently Bambach has upgraded its manufacturing equipment and expanded its range of Defence related products.

Accreditation: ISO 9001, ,

Company Size: 52 Emploees

Operations: Manufacturer of insulated Low Voltage copper cables with 6000 sq m factory in Brookvale NSW and sales offices and warehouses in Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Capability to draw copper wire from copper rod and bunch conductor and to lay up and bunch and sheath single and multicore cables from .5m to 300mm diameter. Able to extrude, Nylon, PVC, LSZH, NBR, silicone and Polyurethane cables.

Security: Regular supplier to Australian Defence industry since 1936.Individuals within the company have or have held security clearances.