Shoal Engineering Pty Ltd

Shoal uses systems thinking to help our clients define and deliver large scale projects in complex environments. We work with people from diverse industries in the early stages of understanding and planning their largest and most challenging projects. Shoal specialises in working ‘left of the spec’ – defining what is required of the system to meet the needs, goals and objectives of stakeholders.

When developing solutions, we focus on understanding the whole system, its environment and the complex interactions of its elements.

We help our clients clearly define the complex problems they are facing and design solutions they can trust.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2015, ,

Company Size: 45

Operations: We focus on understanding the whole system and specialise in problem-defining and problem-solving using a fully-traceable and iterative process.
Shoal maintains a core capability in the modelling, simulation and analysis of complex systems, with particular expertise in guided aerospace weapons and vehicles.
Shoal performs engineering research with a particular focus on early lifecycle design.
We help our clients improve their ability to deal with complexity through organisational development, professional mentoring and specific, and tailored training in capability design and analysis.

Security: The majority of Shoal personnel are cleared to NV-1