L&A Pressure Welding Pty Ltd

L&A Pressure Welding is an industrial assets manufacturer of pressure equipment primarily servicing energy, water and chemical suppliers and distributers. The business was established in 1981 by Louie & Anne Chouaifaity, who remain active directors of the 30 plus employees and 3800m2 site located in Sydney’s south west at Revesby.

Core business is the design and fabrication of medium to large heat exchangers, pressure vessels, piping skids and gas lines; it also provides site fabrication and welding services related to these assets. More recently its welding capabilities have been utilised in delivering infrastructure fabrication.

Over the past 35 years L&A has learnt a lot about what matters in the supply of reliable and safe engineered-to-order equipment essential to the processing and delivery of critical products that fuel our communities.

Accreditation: ISO 9001 - 2015, ,

Company Size: SME - 35 employees

Operations: Pressure Vessel Design & Verification, Heat Exchanger Design & Verification, Piping Design, Lifting and transport Methods.

Site Work (Hot Taps, Piping),Assembly of Vessels, NDE, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Insulation, Hydrostatic Testing, Painting, Plate Rolling 50 mm, Lifting 80T X 4.0m diameter + 200T jacking x 4.5 m diameter


Pipe Support, Lifting & Transport, E&I Hook-up.

Pressure & Vacuum, Design Verification, Wind & Seismic, Vortex Shedding, Lifting & Transport.

Pipe Stress analysis ,Process & Flow, Thermal Design, Tube Vibration, FEA.