At Setolic we supply durable electronic input solutions for use in harsh environments, such as mining, marine, industrial, agriculture, parking meters, ticketing equipment and medical appliances.
Our piezo switches are IP69K and IK10 rated and tested to 50 million actuations, enabling them to work in a wide range of applications, from underwater equipment, to machinery that is subjected to vibration, dust and high pressure steam cleaning. They will operate in extreme temperatures, from -20 to +70 degrees C.
Produced in aluminium or stainless steel, they have Mil Spec, CE and RoHS certification

Accreditation: ISO9001, ,

Company Size: <10

Operations: Design and supply off shelf and custom electronic switches and keyboards for use in harsh environments.
Using Piezo technology and Strain Gauge technology our switches are completely sealed, making them suitable for use in marine, medical and military equipment.
They can be supplied as single switches for mounting in existing panels or can be supplied in custom panels with graphics applied.
Switches/panels can be backlit or supplied with LED illumination.

Security: Not applicable