South Western Sydney Institute (SWSI) is one of Australia's largest TAFE Institutes and a leader in providing quality workforce development, training and VET training solutions across a wide range of qualifications within the Defence sector.

Situated south of metropolitan Sydney and servicing an area of 3,742 square kilometres with a population of over 1.28 million people, the Institute is a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) and a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality organisation.

The Institute is part of the TAFE NSW network which is government owned. We are financially secure and well positioned to provide our students with work based training aligned to business needs.

We have strong links with Defence sector industry and which enable us to be at the forefront in providing innovative and flexible training solutions to meet the needs of the Defence sector industries.

Accreditation: ASQA, ISO, RTO

Company Size: 4000

Operations: The Institute community is made up of over 73,000 students and 4,000 staff offering more than 700 Certificate and Diploma courses, with a total delivery of 17.26 million hours of training. We deliver training to over 4,500 international students who live locally or overseas.

Our customers view us as being reliable, competent, flexible, a responsible corporate and community citizen, and an organisation which contributes significantly to their wellbeing. We have won awards for excellence in education and training.

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