Turbomeca Australasia Pty Ltd

Turbomeca Australasia, a subsidiary of Turbomeca, is part of the Safran Group, one of the world's leading aerospace corporations specializing in propulsion equipment and associated services. Services include repair and overhaul of Arriel 1, MTR 390 and RTM 322 turboshaft engines, deep maintenance on Arrius 1 & 2 and Arriel 1 & 2 turboshaft engines, engineering support, as well as distribution of spare parts and components. In addition to turboschaft engine activities, Turbomeca Australasia also supports the Saphir 10 APU and Air Turbine Starter for the Australian Hawk 127 LIF and in the near future the Saphir 100 APU for the NH90.

Accreditation: AS 9100 RevC, ISO 9001:2008, AQAP2120

Company Size: 130 employees

Operations: Turbomeca Australasia (TAA) provides support for Turboshaft engines, including repair and overhaul, assembly and test production, deep maintenance operations and distribution of spare parts for the civil and military sectors.

TAA is also fully equipped to repair and overhaul the Microturbo Saphir 10 Auxiliary Power Unit and Air Turbine starter for the BAE Hawk 127 aircraft.

The Bankstown facility employs 130 people who provide support to over 150 operators and 500 engines distributed throughout Australia, New-Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Security: Turbomeca Australasia has a Security Agreement with the Australian Government in which the Company has agreed to abide by the security provisions and standards of Defence, as published in the Defence Security Manual (DSM) and reflected in the Security Standing Orders (SSO). Adherence to the requirements of this SSO and the DSM is strongly supported by TAA’s management. Areas of the facility have been granted Defence Industry Security Program membership (DISP) and appropriate employees have security clearance.