Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd

Sonartech Atlas is a leading Australian sonar and acoustic systems development and integration companies, with a track record of successful deliveries against a wide range of contracts to the Commonwealth of Australia and other customers around the world.

The quality and capability of Sonartech's products have been recognised in the international market, evident through sales around the world. International sales have been secured both independently and through contribution to the Atlas Elektronik product line up, with a number of Sonartech Atlas products in use with North American, European and Asian customers.

Sonartech Atlas is the Australian member of the Atlas Elektronik Group, delivering and supporting Atlas Group products into the region.

Affiliated to AIDN-NSW

Accreditation: 9001:2008, ,

Company Size: 50

Operations: The company maintains capabilities in the design and development of sonar and acoustic processing, recording and analysis systems, for submarines, surface vessles, aircraft and shore/support facilities. These capabilities enable the company to not only modify or tailor systems for specific customer needs, but also to provide comprehensive through-life support packages. Originally a Joint Venture, Sonartech Atlas is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Elektronik.

Security: The company is a member of the Australian Defince Industrial Security Program, with the necessary personnel and facility security clearances.