Policy Links


  • Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group Click here
  • Defence Capability Plan, Public Version 2012. Click here
  • Department of Defence, Strategic Framework 2010. Click here
  • KPMG Insights into Building Defence Capability Feb 2017. Click here
  • NSW Government Defence and Industry Strategy 2017. Click here
  • The Future Submarine Industry Skills Plan 2013. Click here
  • The Strategic Reform Program. Delivering Force 2030. Click here



  • Defence Industry Policy Statement 2016 Click here
  • Defence Integrated Investment Program 2016 Click here
  • The Defence White Paper 2016. Click here



  • SADIG Industry Action Plan Submission Nov 2011. Click here
  • SADIG Submission to Inquiry on FBE Sydney Expansion April 2013. Click here
  • Sydney Aerospace and Defence Skills Shortage Survey Results, November 2011. Click here